More journaling.

As was the case last year, a lot of stuff is coming up as I begin my year with a period of intense journaling. The word WILD chose me this year. If you are not a regular reader of my blog you may not know that I can be too detail oriented and that I am habitually drawn to complex, slow and large projects. What my art journals give me is a place to make a spontaneous mess.
As I have been journaling this year I have been trying to find my way back to a less mundane and more magical center. Strangely what has come out of that journey this week is my reluctance to let myself use many of the beautiful papers in my studio for something that is just for me, as if I am not worthy. So I gave myself permission to grab ANYTHING this week, and so my spreads have an air of abundance and luxury (to me anyway).
Here are some step out images of my documented life spread for this week, which was supposed to use gesso.


First I covered the whole spread in my used book journal with gesso.


Then I used some doilies as stencils, then I pasted the now painted doilies over the top, along with some scraps of the lovely textured paper I used on the covers of the book in the last post. I dry brushed some black paint over the page, then sprayed with a homemade gold alcohol ink and let that run.
Then I added another layer of Gesso to push the whole thing back and subdue it enough to journal on, but wasn’t really happy. So I started layering on more lovely paper from the studio.


There was a long quote I wanted to use, so I printed it out and then sewed it with my machine to one of the pages, this is ridiculously trick when sewing into an already bound book!


Lastly I added the Mary Shelley quote that was thus week’s prompt and the inspiration for this cobbled together gothic mess. Then I journaled on the page.
Inspired by the freedom of this page my 30 day journal pages have a similar feel and use many of the same materials and techniques.



I feel as if I am finding my way back home this week. A big thanks to the Art 5 ladies and Lisa Sonora for putting together these FREE adventures that are taking my feet back home to my muse.

5 thoughts on “More journaling.

  1. Your journal pages are so inspirational, and beautiful – i’d pay money for them, I ‘m not joking – that it made me laugh when you said you were usually “detail-oriented”. i can also see the wildness in them too, though, and congratulate you on letting yourself use papers you may have considered “too good”. I have to admit to doing the same thing! xoxo

    • Sharmon – that is high praise coming from you – THANKS! I used to be much wilder – trying to find a compromise and to incorporate those journaling techniques into my books.

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