Still here, really.

Life continues to be a bit bumpy outside the studio this year. But once the door is closed I am managing to still get something done.
I have a couple of new big projects simmering, berehinia is going to finally get some content. Thanks to my journals this year I finally settled on imagery for this book. Here are a couple of sneak peeks – first I tore down the paper for the signatures and added some random stamping and paint.


Next I added some lino prints


Then some hand stamped text and machine sewing, because I love those threads


Planning on adding more layers, marks and of course some embroidery. But with 31 signatures in the binding it is slow going.
I am also still journalling away. I still have a few days of the 30 day journal to finish, and I am managing to stay on track with the DLP prompts. Here’s a few images from my journals


Really trying to add some color!


And pile on the layers


And use up stuff I have had for ages like these flowers.
None of these are my typical style, but it is fun playing at being someone else sometimes!
Well the real world calls. More catch up posts tomorrow.

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