Summer, day 2.

Today I have been pottering, I have the sense of a new work lurking, but when I turn to look it vanishes like smoke. I am hoping by keeping my hands busy with practical things, measuring and folding and sewing will give that idea to coalesce. So I sewed a few more books from scraps of paper, vellum and book covers made from the brown paper I cover the tables in the studio.




I also finally worked up the nerve to finish my final simplified binding, left over from PBI. I wanted to add veneer wooden covers, I am not completely happy with it yet, but maybe I can resolve it tomorrow after it dries under weights tonight.


The idea is there for the new work, I can feel it. Hope the muse is about tomorrow!!

2 thoughts on “Summer, day 2.

  1. all the different forms of books and the variety of materials you use for them continually amazes me, Deb. I’m sure your elusive idea will take form if you in the studio working; I think Picasso dais something like that…

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