Summer, day 4.

Last night I watched some you tube videos recommended by an artist friend across the pond from a series “what do artists do all day?” It was motivating and reassuring to see famous artists dithering in front of the blank canvas. So less freaked out today, although no new ideas have come to play yet. A couple of older ideas hinted I should revisit them, stay tuned.
I began my day today with a road trip to Chautauqua Institution, to fix a small problem with a chalk board menu I delivered last week. It was a glorious morning, summer in western NY can be so beautiful!
Back home in the studio there was a lot of prep work again, getting covers ready to sew,  tearing paper. A lot of hours and little finished to show for it, just these 3 little guys.


The day ended with an urgent care visit for my poor hubby who tore his lower bicep tendon, ouch. And a drive out to drop off forgotten things to our daughter at camp. Again a beautiful trip. Dinner at home with the poor invalid, an unusual treat for us, a good bottle of wine.
A good day I think.

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