A little process tutorial

I thought I would share a step by step of my page meditation process for the owl page. As each page is different, this isn’t really a tutorial, more a look behind the scenes.
Step one for me is to hold an idea or thought in my mind and then wait to see what words float up from the page. This is the meditation. Just being with my own thoughts, waiting for what each page has to offer.


The prompt for this week’s journal page was to incorporate an animal. So I added a very simple stylized drawing of an owl, my spirit animal. Solitary, thinks too much.


Then I start blacking out the words I am not using. This goes slowly if I am incorporating a picture as I decide on the fly where the divisions go between areas.


I decided the owl needed to look a little more spunky so I added some spiky hair/feathers. I gave the owl hybrid human/owl eyes.
So here is the page completely blacked out. Next step for me is to add in white doodles and details. I use sharpies to black out and white gel pens to doodle over the top.


Here I have added details to the eyes and feathers. Again, this is not a planned process, I just try to feel what the image needs as I go along.




The last step is usually a quote stamped on. I love the quirkiness of hand stamped text.


I am enjoying the challenge of using only really limited materials to work with the journal prompts.
Here are two more catch up pages I finished up since my last post.


Thanks for visiting!

5 thoughts on “A little process tutorial

  1. This is great, Deb.  Is there some way you could post that to the Found and tangled Facebook page?  That would be SO helpful to so many.Kip

  2. Thank you for sharing! I’ve never done this kind of page, and just how you’ve shown process of art journaling in general has been very helpful to this noob. Thanks!

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