So much is going on right now! Last weekend I got to meet some great new artists when I was invited to exhibit with them. It was really invigorating to chat with some new faces at the opening last Friday. The show is up through April 15th at Sensory Winery if local folks want to grab a great glass of wine and check it out.
I also have a solo exhibition opening this Saturday. I just finished hanging the work today. This was a really unique opportunity, a new gallery, LMNOP Gallery (in Sherman NY) offered me complete creative control to hang whatever I liked however I wanted. It’s a mixture of old and new work. It gave me a chance to look back over a decade of my work and reflect a bit on my journey from being a very serious art student to where I am today, wherever that is?! 

As if this wasn’t marvellous enough, the universe threw me a complete curve ball. I was astonished to find out a local art organization is giving me their distinguished artist award. I am so honored! Wow!

I don’t know how the universe plans to top this, but I say bring it on, I am ready for my close up! Thank you to all my supporters who have stuck with me on my journey, this would be so much harder without you in my corner. 

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