So I ended that last post wondering how the Universe could top that – here’s the answer. Long time readers may remember way back in 2012 I spent a magical weekend on Martha’s Vineyard at the TurkeyLand Cove Foundation.  (If you haven’t been reading that long, you can find out more by clicking here and follow the journey on the next couple of posts.) That residency marked the end of a magical year where my internal landscape shifted and I finally moved into my own skin as an artist. It was a tremendous gift that has continued to grow over time. The work I started there propelled me into the world of book arts where I have found amazing new colleagues, continued to grow, learning new skills and I think I have flourished there!

This past weekend, Kitty gathered together the 100 women who have been blessed with a residency at the Biltmore Hotel in Providence RI, for a FREE weekend of bonding and sharing. Yes – you read that correctly – FREE. We arrived from all over the country on Friday and after checking in to a ridiculously luxurious suite, we gathered for cocktails and dinner. After dinner we were treated to a Q&A between Christina Bevilacqua, Conversationalist-in-residence at Trinity Repertory Company and Kyna Leski, Professor of Architecture at RISD about Kyna’s book The Storm of Creativity. It was the perfect start as it gave us a common vocabulary for our experiences which came up again and again as the weekend continued. I purchased a copy of the book, and then had to resist the temptation to stay up all night and read it. It is a rich book worthy of being savored and I am looking forward to finishing it.

Saturday gave us an opportunity to share the work we began during our residencies. Like many of the other visual artists and writers I was able to set up a table of my embroidered books and share them with everyone. It was some awe inspiring company to be in! In addition to the ‘show and tell’ tables, there were table talks, where this amazing group of women shared their projects, Women like Christina Campbell who created project peace, a knitting pattern/project that focused on bringing peaceful intention into the world, or Paula Francis who is increasing the gross national happiness quotient of the USA by walking across the country and talking to people, or the artist Susan Porter who makes the most beautiful colorful journals, or Melissa Burch who talked us through our heroines journal, well you get the idea I think – it was incredible! The day sped by – ending for me with a thought provoking discussion of conducting research with students – that description does not give you any idea of how wonderful it was – seriously – wonderful. Then there was just enough time to get cleaned up and dressed for dinner in the ballroom. And it was a day that kept on giving with mind blowing after dinner entertainment by singers and performers who had also been residents at the tree house.

Sunday there was just time for a bitter sweet breakfast,a few tears and a group picture before it was time to make the 9 hour drive back home. It will be months before I can process all of the information buzzing about in my brain, but I have to say – if you put that room full of women in charge of the country for a year the infrastructure would be fixed, there’d be healthcare and food for all, and things would get DONE. Until that golden day I look forward to seeing all the great things they do, and I am so proud to be one of their number. Thank you Kitty and the board and staff of the TurkeyLand Cove Foundation for everything, for changing my world and for loving us so hard! If you are a motivated woman reading this blog – apply, there’s still time to make this year’s deadline – I promise it will change your life!!

2 thoughts on “Reunion

  1. Hi Deb! It’s been a long, long time hasn’t it? I was drawn to read your email in full and follow the link to your incredible embroidered books. I am completely awed by them. I am so pleased you have made this and the many other discoveries you have made on artistic journey! They are so much more than thread and paper.I am also pleased to see you are still creating and teaching. Amazing.
    Stay well!
    Lisa ( lucky dip)

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