Joy in troubled times

So many of you who follow me on other social media know I spent all of August swanning about in the UK. I spent time with artist friends in their studios and homes, and then a couple of marvelous weeks with my parents, sisters, their families, my hubby and my son and his partner just vacationing and catching up. I hadn’t seen my dad in person for 11 years, it was time! I also got to reconnect with old school friends and my hometown. Along the way I also visited tons of cathedrals and stately homes and ate all my favorite British foods!

I had a bit of a visa hiccup on the way back to my real life in the USA, and ended up missing the beginning of classes. I feel like I have been running to catch up since my feet touched back down! Not only did I have to scramble to get on track in the classroom, I also needed to hang work in three exhibitions!

This one women hold up half the sky at the Weeks Gallery

This one, phloem/ Xylem, in a Kozo Exhibit at Wnybac

And a small solo exhibit of my blackout poetry.

I am teaching at two different universities this semester, so I get to spend quite a bit of time listening to audiobooks in the car. This week I finished braving the wilderness by brene brown. If you haven’t picked it up yet, I’m going to recommend you get some tissues before you start. It’s one of the most powerful things I have ever read, and the uncomfortable message is one I really needed to hear right now.

Like so many others I am struggling in the current political climate. I live a pretty blessed existence. I make enough money, I am living my dream of being an artist. I get to see my children and grandchildren often. I have a strong loving relationship with the man I love. It’s taken me a long time to get here, and I am frequently surprised by moments of pure bliss in my daily life. But my joy feels wrong with so many struggling.

I’m making a commitment to being present in my community, and to managing my resources so I can give more. And to counting my blessings.

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