“The resonances are dispersed on the different planes of our life in the world, while the repercussions invite us to give greater depth to our own existence.” – Bachelard

I find myself drawn to repetitive making; most of my work requires tens, even hundreds, of hours of intensive hand labor to create. I enjoy the meditative nature of this slow unfolding of the work and the space it allows for ideas to fully manifest, for the threads of thought to untangle and re-weave themselves into new forms.

For years I have been making work about the space occupied by women in society. Recently I have been thinking about how work and women are historically connected and especially with the uneasy space occupied by women’s handicrafts in the Art world.

My current work continues my concern with the space in which women work, and how work intersects with the domestic and the ideas of home. More simply, it is about weaving and threads, and how those activities are written into the mythos of women’s work. Working in this way I feel connected to the long history of women’s work which was handed down to me when my mother taught me how to embroider and sew.

About me:

I am an internationally exhibited book and installation artist who works primarily with paper, text and thread. Originally from Essex in the UK, I received a BFA from the University at Buffalo and an MA in Visual Culture from the University of Northumbria in Newcastle (UK). I teach as an adjunct at Jamestown Community College and for many other arts and cultural organizations in Western NY.  I have been the recipient of several grants and awards, including recently: the Ray and Wynn Ritchie Evans Artist in the Community Grant, NYFA MARK Class of 2012, a Zonta Women in Leadership Award for services to women artists in the region and an individual artist stipend from the United Arts Appeal.

13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi dryadart,
    I tried to leave you a message through the artscuttlebutt site, but it would not go through. I have more sketchbook images in Facebook under “A. Brian Zampier”
    That’s how I got started — from an art instructor in college telling us to “Keep a sketchbook.” Been doing it 30 years and still love it.
    peace, Brian

  2. Thanks, I’ll try to get there and check it out, I have a facebook page too, so I can keep in touch with my kids and my little sister who lives in England (and is the same age as my kids)

  3. Hi Deb,

    I didn’t see any way to contact you via email so i’m posting this here (feel free to delete).

    One of the galleries I am in just asked about showing some more clocks…VAST was one of them. I’d like to let you have first dibs since you expressed interest, if you could let me know either way in the next day or two I would really appreciate it.

    Hope you are well and not so busy in your brain.


  4. Tried to view the images of your wallpaper work on facebook, but link not working. Any other way to see them? I’d be really interested.

  5. Hi!

    Thanks for the post about my work! Somebody in Australia looked at it…If you wanted to add any images to your post from my website, feel free.

    Also, I think you signed my book but, your email address bounced. If you would like to email me your address, that would be great!

    Nice meeting you over the weekend and hope to see ya again.


  6. Hello! I couldn’t find anywhere else to contact you besides this comment box, so here we are. I’m going to be directing a production of Peter Pan next year, and I’ve been looking for inspirations and construction ideas for the costumes. Of course the Crocodile and Nana are my two main concerns and today in my search I stumbled across your blog. Your hood and mask construction for Nana is the most genius thing I have ever seen, and I just wanted to say kudos, and possibly ask some questions about the construction of the mask. I know that it was a long time ago, but if you have any tips I would be eternally grateful. Just looking through your pictures has been an enormous help to me already. You are amazing, and your artwork is gorgeous.

  7. Dear Deb,
    I just came across your site. Loved the pictures of your books!
    Do you make or sell books by request?
    Thanks so much.
    Theresa Holloway

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