In an effort to shake my continuing lack of work in the studio I signed up for what turned out to be an incredible online conference “Form and Function from Afar” hosted by

The presentations were really great, and I found myself getting a little motivated to try a few new things. But even better was the opportunity to see friends from the book arts I’ve missed and to see the work of so many new artists and makers.

I learned this folded triangle book structure.

Ant then, something really extraordinary happened. Having plucked up the courage to share a book in the forum, it was seen and purchased for the collections at Emory University. Someone bought one of my artists books! In fact, they acquired this book, Women’s Work. I am so thrilled that it has a forever home where it will be seen! So a huge thank you goes out to all the women who shared their unfinished to-do lists with me, the Turkey Land Cove Foundation for the residency where I first imagined this book, and to Elizabeth Shoemaker for selecting my work. And to everyone who has cheered me on and supported me in my journey.

So 2021 is starting off so much more hope filled. Hooray!

What a GREAT day!

Today I was at a great symposium in Rochester – I met all kinds of amazing people and my little brain is all revved up with new schemes and possibilities. Then when I got home I discovered that one of my art idols – Lisa Sonora (creative genius behind the creative entrepreneur which CHANGED MY LIFE!) featured one of my journal pages on her blog. Yep – Life is good. Today was an EXCELLENT day to be an artist.

we interrupt my NYC adventures for this announcement

5x5 Icon

Seth Apter is at it again – building community, proving that the art world is ABUNDANT and that there is plenty and joy for all. His book The Pulse of Mixed Media, became a call for work on his blog, and now it has become an exhibit. I am excited to be a tiny part of this endeavor – you can see my contribution featured in this post. And I hope someone who lives locally will go take some nice pictures as I just can’t travel another centimeter this year! If you live near the space I hope you will go and see the show and take home some tiny mixed media loveliness for the holidays.

my work for the show

my work for the show