In the past couple of years I have been fortunate to be exhibiting as part of  SCIBase. SCIBase is a collaborative project between BasementArtsProject, Leeds and the SCI collective based in the Northwest of England. The collective includes members not just from Leeds and Merseyside, but also Sheffield, the Midlands, Sweden and the USA.

And now I am very happy to be able to reciprocate and the collaborative is coming from the UK to exhibit in my adopted “hometown” of Jamestown, NY. This exhibit will open April 4, 2014 in two gallery spaces in Jamestown, NY – the 3rd on 3rd Gallery and the Dykeman-Young Gallery.

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, not only is art work traveling across the Pond, some of the artists will also be accompanying the work.

Kimbal Bumstead is already on his way, walking from the West coast to Jamestown, you can follow along with his journey here on his Tumblr site – Horizontally Backwards. He will be doing a virtual performance at the opening, and another performance once he arrives. Dates of that performance will be advertised as soon as he gets closer!!

Wendy Williams and Jean McEwan will arrive just in time to help Jamestown conclude a month of art celebrating the creativity of women by offering a workshop at Infinity Visual and Performing Arts during SWAN Day celebrations on March 29th.

Bruce Davies, Michael Borkowsky, and David Cotton will arrive a few days later. (David will be creating a project in conjunction with the Science Department at JCC.)

And then the next day Susanne Torstensson will arrive from Sweden.

All these artists (plus me) will be at the opening of the exhibit, ready to meet the citizens of Jamestown and talk about their work – we really hope you will join us!

Then  towards the end of the month Elena Thomas will arrive. I am very excited to finally meet her in person after following her work virtually for a while now!

We are hoping to offer some public workshops and a panel discussion on social media and international art collaborations during their visits. Again, Please check back as we finalize these details in the coming weeks.

Workshop – instant books & mini zines – details here – Saturday March 29th, 1-3pm at Infinity Visual and Performing Arts


8 thoughts on “colonize

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  2. Deb, What a great concept on Colonize, and congratulations! Admire your work on energizing the arts in the area. I am excited with this coming exhibition.
    Great to meet you yesterday at the closing of Women Create which is a superb exhibition.
    Riko Chandra

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