Tale of a tooth

So, as I shared in my last post, on my way home from my workshop last week I broke a tooth, so my week started out at the dentists. I ended up needing a surgical extraction as the tooth had broken below the gum in my jaw. So my plans for this week we’re slowed to a snail’s pace while recuperating. I did start work on a project I have been thinking about for a couple of years after seeing Kevin Steele’s books at PBI.  

I started with this accordion book form, those are Kevin’s PBI handouts under the book

Then I bound it to look like this

I want to add a black work binding to the spine, so next up was adapting a black work design from a period painting by Holbein

And then testing the pattern on some scrap paper

So now I am ready to translate all these sketches into the finished book, although I am going to wait to cut into the fancy paper until I am feeling more the thing. 

On Monday I am starting a big restoration project, and teaching a kids workshop. I can’t believe it is almost time to go to the UK. Time flies!!


day 3 – sort of cheating

young ladies guideToday I helped the hubby put a new roof on our back porch. I reallt like it when we have an opportunity to work on a project side by side… as I mentioned I have been doing a lot of studying as I get ready to teach a new class in a weeks time (yikes!) so head over to the ivory tower to see what intrigued me today, it’s related to todays picture, which is courtesy of my excellent photographer friend Jen, which is why it looks so much better than my usual photographic offerings!! This is one of my favorite books ever, a tongue in cheek look at advice manuals for young women from the victorian era, slightly skewed. Look carefully at the paisley cover, its another fun skew, a two plate litho I designed! Have a great evening!