allegany nature pilgrimage


Many of you know that in addition to books, I love installation – especially in the great outdoors. Right after I r returned from PBI I barely had time to catch my breath – or catch up on my sleep – before turning around and heading out to teach at the Allegany Nature Pilgrimage which is held every year on the weekend after memorial day. I have been wanting to attend for many years, but it never seemed to fit into my schedule – but this year I had been asked to teach my Art in the Wild workshops – so I HAD to go!

Even though the forecast had called for rain it was a beautiful weekend – the only rain fell overnight. Just being out at the park renewed my energy, and I love the meditative nature of this kind of work, just feeling your way with the materials, listening to them, paying attention to their formal relationships with their surroundings. The pilgrimage housed and fed me, so all I had to do was play in the woods. The program and the tent speakers were really great and I hope I am invited back again!

So here are some pictures – the better ones were taken as usual by my great friend Jennifer – of what we got up to. (If you were one of my students and don’t see your work – more images to follow – and if you want a higher resolution image, please email me at debraeck at debraeck dot com)