Art of the Book at Rochester’s Central Library

thanks to Anita Wahl for the picture

thanks to Anita Wahl for the picture

In all the workshop chaos of the past few weeks I forgot to post this picture of “Bound” in The Art of the Book – Rochester Public Library, Lower Link Gallery. The show runs through January 5, 2014. I am really pleased that my work was selected by the jurors – Timothy Cosgriff, Scott McCarney and Geri McCormick, and included in this great show.

Stay tuned this week as I post the tutorials for last week’s workshops.

book news

I have been hard at work for the last couple of days on the guest book for my sister’s wedding, using all that beautiful purple paper. When she was visiting last month we picked out some ideas that I am now wrapping all together to form a unique set of guest books (one for each table at the wedding) housed in a slip cover. She loved this folded origami style (there is some cutting so not true origami) envelope page from this book, again by Alissa Golden. Each book is made of 5 folded pages which creates 4 pockets per signature. These pockets will hold pictures of their guests taken at the wedding.


The fun bonus is the pages also have a hidden pocket, each of  which will hold cards for messages to the bride & groom. The binding – also from Alissa Golden’s book is sewn and tied. You sew a random running stitch up the center of each signature leaving a tail at each end which you then tie together to create a really quick fun binding! I am adding some little beads at the spine for a bit of sparkle too.







I’ll take some pictures of the slip case and the finished project later today when I get home from realjob!

In other book news, the artist’s book collective’s show Bound opens today in Leeds, UK. Here is a link to the work featured in the show – my blackwork embroidered binding also titled bound is included. A huge thank you to Louise for organising this group and the touring show.



and so it goes

It has been a long emotional day. It started sleep deprived and very early, our new kitten thinks I should get up at the same time to feed and play with her – she doesn’t know its spring break so I want to sleep in. As I was up I decided to grade some rough drafts, they have to be graded at some point. What a relief to find they were actually much better than I had expected!

Then I checked in online. Louise from the Artist Book Collective included a picture of my book on her post today. One of the great things about the internet is how it has miraculously brought such amazing people and opportunities into my creative life. And Lou has been the inspiration behind my new bindings, it was her call for work that finally spurred me to take the idea out of my sketchbook and actually start playing around with it – so GLAD that happened.

Then I saw this link to an article and some great video from the small press book fair. I think the video gives you a really good feeling for the energy and the amazing amount of NOISE in that space, still I enjoy it more every year and wouldn’t miss it! Thanks to all ay WNYBAC for sharing that!

Then the news came – I didn’t make it to the next round of interviews. I was pretty crushed, but mostly I felt as if I had let my poor hubby down again. He was so excited about the possibility of a new start, and then it was gone. I have to believe that the universe has something better waiting out there for me, but in the meantime I am a bit disappointed and still worried about our financial situation. I know worrying won’t change anything, or make me feel better but it seems it is just my nature.

So I retreated to my studio, I have been working on something for a call for work Seth posted over on his blog, related to his wonderful new book. I can’t post any pictures as I want him to be the first to see it. Maybe if I am pleased with it I will post pictures later.

So now it is late, I have been up too long. I am drained and a little sad. I have my art and a room of my own. I am loved. It WILL all come out right in the end. So goodnight.

home again, home again

I am back! Wow that was a whirlwind – I need to decompress for a bit – but I have many thoughts and images left to share from my trip. For now I am happy just to be back in my studio, and back at work. Next up?  Tomorrow I am giving a brief talk about my trip to Sweden and the work I created for that trip as part of the Women Create salon series, then this weekend we finally begin working on the flag books for the installation – if you live nearby head over to the website to sign up for a spot – this is a FREE class! Then I need to really get cracking to finish up the book for “bound” so it arrives in Leeds in time for its debut! First though – an early night! My poor body is still stuck in between time zones and I am exhausted!!