back to school

Classes began again for me today, and what a great day it has been! This morning I taught a room full of sleepy students about Dada and Surrealism, after we’d dissected the First World War and talked about Freud and fetishes they were wide awake!!

Then I teach 3D right after that… today we were pouring plaster, and just FYI it’s a good idea to secure the bottom of the form before you move it, or you will end up wearing the plaster, which I did, much to the great amusement of the class, oh well they are great students so I don’t mind!!

I came home for lunch to find two of my LASSes friends ready to go hiking, it was a beautiful spring day, so off we went, and spent a fabulous few hours traipsing around in the woods… OK much of the trail was straight uphill, so we weren’t exactly traipsing, more like crawling truth be told!! We saw some amazing flowers as spring is really blooming early around here this year

I came home briefly before going back to school to teach drawing, we started a unit of portraiture tonight, which although not my personal forte is fun to teach to beginners!

Then when I got home, Kim over at CCAC was online and told me people are already signing up for my book binding class, so if you want to take it, get registered!!!