out & about weekend

My allergies have been kicking my butt this week, so I spent most of yesterday sleeping. Today I decided I had to get up, so I promised myself if I got through all my “chores” I would head out to see the opening of a new show in Olean. Boy am I glad I buckled down and got stuff done, this is an incredible show. David Higgins makes images of houses, filled with such personality and atmosphere, and the light – just stunning, really if you live near enough, take a trip to see the work in person. It is some of the most quirky photo realism I have seen in a long while, these are images that will linger. Higgins was the winner of the last Southern Tier Biennial, sponsored in part and run by the CCAC. (Yes, the same biennial I didn’t get into… sob!)

So while I am having a Cattaraugus County Arts Council moment here I am going to do some shameless plugs – first I am teaching a class there in November – a fun, art journal meets smash journal, super relaxed, anyone can do it, sort of class, interested? You can register here (scroll down and you will see my class listing).

Second – a fundraising plug – last year CCAC held their first ever 6×6  sale – and it was a blast! It was a great party, the rush for the wall of art was fun and everyone went home with affordable art! This year they have changed the format to 5×7 or 7×5 but the event will be essentially the same, all work is displayed anonymously and everything sells for the same low price ($25) – so it is very democratic, which is really what I love most about it! You just buy what you like, it’s cheap, so there’s no art snobbery or pressure to buy the “right” thing! If you would like to contribute a work to the sale, the entry form is here. They welcome international entries but everything must be at the CCAC by November 2nd. I hope some of you will join in on the fun too.  (The other thing I like is that once a year I can make all kinds of stuff – painting, drawings etc. because there’s no pressure on the artists either!)

This is the “copy” of Seth’s book I made to keep!

On a completely different note – some of you may remember the piece I made for Seth Apter’s 5×5 call for work. Seth emailed this week to let all the entrants know that Somerset Studio will be featuring the 5×5’x in an article in the November issue, unfortunately he didn’t see a preview, so he doesn’t know exactly which works were chosen to be included. So maybe my work is in, or maybe not. As I really created that piece as a gift to thank Seth for all the wonderful community building work he does in the mixed media world, it will be icing on the cake if my work is shown, and I certainly won’t take it personally if my work is not included (as it was all black it may not be a great editorial choice anyway!). The reason I mention this is that a really nice little email conversation sprung up around his email notification, and it was wonderful to feel included by this community. All of the entries will be showcased on Seth’s blog – The Altered Page in the coming months, so everyone will get their moment in the spotlight. I’ll be sure to remind you to take a look. Actually just go take a look anyway – it is a wonderful blog!

Have an art-ful weekend. I have a couple of extra days off from class as it is fall break at the college where I teach, so I am looking forward to digging in and getting some work done in the studio, along with catching up on my marking ready for mid-term grades!



great evening!

photo courtesy of Jen Schlick!

Opening for the juror’s award show last night. A great turn out, I especially want to thank all my family who were there as you can see from the picture above! Doesn’t “left” look fab on the pedestal?!

And then at midnight on her birthday our oldest daughter got engaged! Congratulations to them both!

The snow is back today so I am going to hunker down and make some books for this event, and grade some art history exams.

a productive day

Yesterday I finally got down to work on some loose ends around the studio. First I am almost finished with this piece, commissioned at my Holiday Open House.

And worked on that house of cards too

Today I am going to work with the students from the art club on the larger version which is heading off to Leeds at the end of the month.

I still have one more piece I am working on for the CCAC Jurors show… hopefully I can give you a peek this weekend.

Well I have some binding to do and a lecture to finish before I head out later… so back to work!

back to school

Classes began again for me today, and what a great day it has been! This morning I taught a room full of sleepy students about Dada and Surrealism, after we’d dissected the First World War and talked about Freud and fetishes they were wide awake!!

Then I teach 3D right after that… today we were pouring plaster, and just FYI it’s a good idea to secure the bottom of the form before you move it, or you will end up wearing the plaster, which I did, much to the great amusement of the class, oh well they are great students so I don’t mind!!

I came home for lunch to find two of my LASSes friends ready to go hiking, it was a beautiful spring day, so off we went, and spent a fabulous few hours traipsing around in the woods… OK much of the trail was straight uphill, so we weren’t exactly traipsing, more like crawling truth be told!! We saw some amazing flowers as spring is really blooming early around here this year

I came home briefly before going back to school to teach drawing, we started a unit of portraiture tonight, which although not my personal forte is fun to teach to beginners!

Then when I got home, Kim over at CCAC was online and told me people are already signing up for my book binding class, so if you want to take it, get registered!!!