Time in the studio has been rare lately, I was able to get a few hours in on Tuesday – but everything I worked on was for a secret swap, so no pictures. Instead I offer you this little Illustrator doodle I have been working on for my second RealJob at the print shop – it is for a bridal planner we put out every year.


And I am still fiddling around with these drawings…

acetone and marker

acetone and marker

DSCI6520 DSCI6521

Oh and sewing in circles on the paper I made at PBI this spring…

variegated sewing

And don’t forget it is not too late to leave a comment here to win this journal in my “blog-a-versary” give away!! Deadline is October 27th. Mostly though I have been busy teaching – and getting ready for some new ventures; being a creative mentor for a new arts/business program, writing arts reviews for a local paper and preparing some new workshops.

how do you do it all?

A drawing from Tuesday nights class, I played along for about 30 minutes… it’s a pelvis/spine!

Several times this week (on the phone) friends have remarked, “I just don’t know how you do it all!”. If I were less embarrassed and more honest I would post a picture of my kitchen right now, every dish we own is dirty, and even though the dishwasher (is now) is full of unwashed dishes my counters are still covered with dirty stuff… but I’m too embarrassed to post a picture, you can imagine the mess for yourself. My living room floor is littered with papers, books, magazines and the remnants of a package I just received from my Mum (thanks Mum) in England. The coffee table is disappearing under a sea of college mail for my son (he got his class ranking this week, 49th, in a class of about 400, so OK, but of course as his Mum I know he could have improved on that…), and bills that are (thankfully) paid, but not filed. Basically I am telling the world that my secret is that except for the weekends I am a terrible housekeeper! The laundry in the basement is clean, folded, but still in the laundry baskets… and I think it is possible that there is a table under the pile of art supplies and the sewing stuff that is in the dining room. I am seriously considering a dumpster! By now I’m sure that it is pretty obvious that not much art has been happening around here this week. I am feeling a little under the weather, thanks I imagine to all my students/kids who have all been sick (except my son who almost never is) and the problem with housekeeping I find is that as soon as you let just a little dust gather, pretty quickly it multiplies like rabbits and you are lost beneath a mountain of undone chores. Oh well, the week is almost over so the house will reappear again Saturday morning, in the meantime the mess makes me frazzled and cross! The only thing I have actually done art-wise this week is for my classes, a sample project for my 2-D class on spatial depth and I drew along with my drawing class for about 30 minutes Tuesday night as they were all working so productively, I wish I had taken my camera, because they produced some really great work!. What I hate most about the end of term is that just as the class is finding it’s feet and beginning to have a useful relationship with each other, the term ends and we have to begin all over again, gaining trust and getting to work. So for what it’s worth all I have to post are those images… the drawing’s up top, and here’s that sample project (surprise it’s a Victorian wallpaper design from Morris!)


I gave my students a middle of the semester evaluation this week, since I couldn’t help I decided to draw along with them, and boy do I need to practice, but anyway just for fun here is the end result (it’s a leaf in – case you can’t tell!!)



Attendance at my evening class has been pretty sporadic this semester, never more so than when  project is due. Today in both my classes I asked my students to give a brief presentation about their final projects, just a few minutes, very casual… in the evening class the usual handful of students showed up… anyway to reward my students I decided to do a fun, relaxing project instead of really “working” plus by the time we had finished discussing everyone’s ideas I knew we’d be short of time for a new assignment, so…

I showed them Will Ashford’s website, then I let them choose several pages from those old encyclopedias I bought at that household sale a few months back, and we worked on “Will Ashford” of our own. I have to tell you it is highly addictive, really! It was like doodling for grown ups, not that I am suggesting that Mr Ashford’s work is anything of the kind, but for me it was a really enjoyable exercise in letting the materials talk to you! Some of the class thought I was a little nuts when I said, just look at the page and let it talk to you, one of my evening students is taking the first art class he has taken since grade school and promptly told me he needed a translator as he didn’t speak book!! Anyway it was interesting to see their solutions and creativity coming out and I hope they will let me post some of their work here when it is done…

Here is my page, I found an entry for wyvern, and even though many of you have formed this serious impression of me, I am a highly whimsical woman who loves all things magical, so here is my wyvern a la Will Ashford, may he forgive me!