more work on the way

here are works #2 & #3 for the upcoming show at Portage Hill Gallery, not really sure why I put the green on the first one, but once it was on there I just had to work with it! The second, moth one, is obviously very preliminary, this one will have blue egg shells, and a tornado of text and some sewing, more complexity but in a different way than the layering I used on the other two, which isn’t my strength.

new work – more eggs

I ended up not getting very much work done in the studio last week, small family emergencies kept cropping up. Now I find myself faced with three works which I must finish by Friday, which are really giving me a hard time. Here’s a view of a work in progress, who knows how it will look in a few more hours. I like the colour scheme but it lacks depth and complexity right now. Grrr! Well no sense sitting here moaning, back to work. Later I am off to the take a seat auction. Forgot to take a picture of my chair so will try to snap one at the reception right before the auction starts!

Art in the Woods 2011

Busy day of preparations & packing as I am setting up for art in the woods tonight. I am exhausted already as I went to a midnight showing of the last Harry Potter movie with my oldest daughter last night! I won’t spoil it for any Potter fans by telling you what I thought. So if you are in the Jamestown Area come on out and see me and the other artists this weekend. Mention you read about the show on my blog and I’ll give you a 10% discount on your purchase. Here’s a sample of the lovely new books I’ll have with me.

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I also want to thank my friend Tony who made the fabulous ceramic buttons you’ll be seeing on some new books I am making. Thrown in at the end there is a little sneak peek at some other work going on in the studio right now. This is in progress so it may not look much like this when finished!


wallpaper & news

So first the news, my friend Jen and I are cover girls, you can see what I mean here! OK now you’ve stopped laughing… (wow I look grumpy in that picture…) here is the real news. Ready for its first reveal, new wallpaper work, called awake it takes off from this large piece, (sorry the image is sideways) continuing the incorporation of tree branches which have somehow come to stand in for me for the persecution of women healers and the denial of women’s knowledge at the beginning of the scientific age. Obviously in my new utopia beyond the wallpaper women will not stand for such nonsense, and the branches are breaking free, or at least I think that is what is going on… you of course can think whatever you like. Also in this piece is a new book meditation I have been playing around with, inside the egg shells are words cut out from a book page in much the same way as this work, only now the new meditative meaning is revealed inside the egg. I have been playing with cocoons and eggs for a while, thinking about new beginnings, so here are new thoughts for my utopia.

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