Here’s my submission for Bound – an exhibit being organized by another one of my online Brit friends Louise Atkinson.  It is another adapted blackwork binding. This is the kind of project that makes me wish for more hours in the day – there’s so much time invested in this little book, hours of cutting & folding the signatures (thank heavens for Sheila my intern), then two straight hours just to punch the holes in each signature! Then the whole thing was tacked together with an invisible thread to keep the tension even, otherwise I find it quite hard to keep the pages evenly spaced, the book is long and gets kind of unwieldy on the bench!. Last but not least (after painstakingly drafting each pattern – which is equal parts fun and frustration) I get to do the really fun part – sewing the beautiful exposed binding. In this case it took sooooooo many hours, not even going to tell you – but believe me when I say A LOT!! Hope you agree that the finished project is stunning, elegant, but detailed. I am in love with these!!

I love how it curls!

black and white & read all over!

Today I’d like to start out with a plug, the amazing Seth Apter over at The Altered Page is publishing a book. (I have mentioned this before as I am included in the book in a small way.) Seth will be holding a book signing event in NYC. You can read all about it here. Seth is a great guy who has created a really inclusive mixed media community through brilliant blogging. I have worked on some of his projects and I hope I will be able to work with him again in the future. Congratulations to Seth and all the other artists involved in the book.

And now for another plug – before the holidays my photographer friend Jennifer and I applied for a grant to fund a project idea we had. I am proud to announce that we received that funding and are embarking on a crazy big art event! It all began last year on SWAN Day, our little, hastily planned event was such a success I wanted to think of ways to keep the momentum going. I live in a great community filled with creative people, but as in so many other small places we are often invisible and can feel isolated from the art world at large. A casual conversation turned into an opportunity to stage a large exhibit of women’s art work, and from there the whole thing sort of snowballed into a two month long extravaganza. There will be workshops, lectures, art salons where artists can talk about their work, an art market and a day long series of events on SWAN Day that will culminate with the unveiling of a new installation created by Jenn and myself in partnership with the community. I am excited, scared and amazed at how this has all come together – you can find all the details of what is going on over on (where else) the project blog!

OK that’s the news, over to the weather (in the studio) which is hot, hot, hot!! Not literally of course because it is winter, but because ideas seem to be flooding into me faster than I can get them down. This new series of bindings is exciting and challenging and has broken the creative log dam. I am working and sketching furiously, and new things keep on bubbling up. This is a welcome relief after all the worrying at the end of my last project. Isn’t it amazing how one tiny idea can become the germ of a whole body of work? Lots of work to do, so I leave you with a picture of another new binding. And one tiny complaint – again the universe sends me a tedious repetitive series of ideas, just punching the holes for this binding took over an hour – but I am not really complaining – happy to be productively back at work!! Still trying to figure out the best way to execute these with good tension…hmmm on to the next one!!