what’s the point – really?

Its been a long week already, and its only Tuesday, so much for a long and restful weekend… I got my rejection letter, nicely worded of course, from Beyond-In this weekend, so that means my work has been roundly rejected by every curator in the upstate area this year. Which leaves me in a place many of you I imagine have been in, of wondering whether I should just pack it all in. I am so tired right now, juggling my teaching and working at the print shop and of course the whole domestic goddess thing, that its hard to find time to even get into the studio, and after that kind of critical response its hard to motivate myself to even bother. Which is a shame, because suddenly my work has started selling, and the general reaction to both my shows was really positive. I know that both regional shows I entered had hundreds of entries, and that the judgement of curators shouldn’t even really matter all that much, (even though for the most part I like the quality of their work and teh exhibits they produce) and in reality I am not likely to stop making art, I don’t think I actually could abandon all my ladies and their stories, but still it does make one pause. My work for the faculty show has ground to a halt, there just aren’t enough hours in the day and I have to admit that I am seriously considering not showing anything this year. It seems that life in the studio is just such an emotional rollercoaster right now! Well nothing is getting accomplished by sitting here bellyaching, so once more into the breech etc, bills to pay and students to teach…

too busy for words…

I have been online a little these past few weeks, but my summer is just flying by and hasn’t left much time for blogging. I have been checking in on all of you, lurking as Sheree calls it, but just haven’t had the energy to formulate something worth saying… I am getting a lot accomplished in the studio, mostly commercial stuff as I gear up for a few art shows in the local area, the first is this weekend, Art in the Woods, which supports the work of our local Audubon chapter, where I spend a lot of time, walking the trails and volunteering. If you live within driving distance its well worth a visit, just for their eagle Liberty alone!

My favorites are these piano hinge bindings with natural materials, these are bound with local grasses, in keeping with the ecological theme, they have hemp pagesgrassy note the fabulous old wood floor of my studio! and here’s a closer look at the bindinggrassy spine

this next one is for all of you who think my colour palette is too monochromatic!neonneon2

and here are some little jotter pads to keep by the phone, featuring some of that vintage wrapping paper I bought last yearturtle jotterbloommoth jotterthere’s so much more I want to share with you all, but tempus fugit and the studio is calling me back…


I’m not sure who all these people are who have long relaxing summers…. none of them live at my house anyway! I hope everyone has a happy 4th of July, and gets to picnic with friends and family. Maybe I’ll have time to update you all on progress here later this week… but honestly I’m so busy right now I wouldn’t hold your breath!

unstuck, sort of

So, I have been whining ALOT the past few weeks about how stuck I am, and I can’t seem to concentrate on any “real” work. I didn’t sleep Monday night, I am beginning to be in a state of constant panic about not having work finished for upcoming deadlines, especially my two shows this summer.  First I started a new blog for my teaching posts, they just don’t fit here anymore, and  seriously sleep deprived last night I just started playing around with an idea that has been lurking in the back of my mind…

I used this wicker material when I was creating the “hoop” skirt for one of the new panels, it was a freebie and had obviously been wound up for many years, I needed to soak it to get it to cooperate with me, but any way, when I was unrolling it it made these really nice spirals and I wished I had a way to use them. Then this past week a large limb came down out of a tree in the garden and I wanted to do something with it. I kept thinking chrysalis/cocoon. So last night I decided to try making a small branch-wicker cocoon object. I didn’t get far, I’m going to work on it some more right now, but here is the beginning of …

well honestly I’m not sure what, but it feels like something that might unstick me!


no time to be sick

So having nursed my family back to health, and because I finally had cleared some space in my calendar to get some of my own work done, I find my immune system has crashed and I am sick as a dog today…. typical! I am going to try and putter around a little and see if I can get anything accomplished, but mostly I am thinking I’d like to go back to bed and get some more sleep. I am so frustrated right now. I have to finish my sketchbook for the sketchbook project, which I might be able to do as the pages are small and I could work on that in bed or laying around on the couch, but my big dress project is probably not going to happen because just thinking about it is making me tired. Plus the dishes, laundry, shopping etc, and my son has a hair appointment. Being an artist and a mum is so impossible some days. There is a juried contest that I really want to enter, but I need new pictures of my new work because it’s very competitive, and right now I don’t even feel like I have the courage to put this new stuff out there where it could be rejected. I have till the end of the week to decide if I will do it. Its a biennial, and I got in the first time I entered, the last time I was finishing up my master’s so no work to enter, now I’d like to enter this new work, but I am feeling pretty fragile, so I don’t know. OK going to post and get something done…have a good day people.

student success!

So no new art to report from my studio, too exhausted and busy running to keep up! But here are the pictures from my first critique in three D design. I challenged the students to create a work from a single sheet of paper after the work of Peter Callesen. Here is what they came up with. I am pretty impressed with the work and their energy level, I am really enjoying teaching this class!

on the fringes

storm3It seems life is easier if you stay away from the edges of the pattern. It is best just to stay stuffed between the lines, hiding in the certainty of definition that lies there. Somedays though one just snaps, and bolts for the undefined open spaces, spewing emotional chaos in one’s wake. Somedays I wish I could decide which way of being is best. Dwelling inside the lines one can be gracious, restrained like the pattern, like the cornfield that bows before the wind, to rise again in golden splendour. But outside, oh outside is cool moonlit  freedom and the fury of wind lashed hair. And the risk of being broken.

trying to pull myself together!

Today I finally finished putting together a portfolio to send to a gallery I am interested in showing in… I’ll let you know how that goes, now ALL I have to do is work on my artist statement because it is too long and hard to follow, much like me at the moment. Last night in a state of utter fugue and burn out I monkeyed around with a page for the new book I’m making… I looked at some amazing book art on line, but I am saving that blog for tomorrow when I am less brain dead, I’d like to think I’m occasionaly capable of stringing two thoughts together.

Tonight I worked on the crazy crocodile suit. it turns out the crocodile needs to move in unanticipated ways and so the costume now needs a major overhaul, the dress rehearsal is this weekend… grrr! Stiil it IS coming along and will be done in time, I may just be really REALLY sleep deprived to do it!!

crashing and burning

Yesterday I was supposed to go enjoy an outdoor breakfast, instead I woke up at about 4am with a massive migraine headache. This is how my body tells me to stop, by making it impossible for me to continue to run on at a breakneck pace. I spent a lot of the day sleeping… Tonight I am trying to plug away on the crocodile, mostly painting and building up the gums around the teeth. I want the actor to be able to rehearse in the costume this week… but my energy levels, even bouyed by illict coffee that I will regret later when I can’t sleep, is pretty darn low. Oh well, this was my coffee break catching up with all my favorite online people, back to work, back to work!