day 4 what was I thinking!?

Summer has finally arrived in WNY it is warm and NOT raining, so I walked to work and back today which I love doing. On my way home a past student of mine almost ran me down on his skateboard, yet another reminder that the new term begins in just a few more weeks! But it is hard to feel glum today. My oldest daughter has been suffering a relapse of the mono that floored her earlier in the year, but she was cleared to go back to work this morning by her doctor. To celebrate, and because everyone else was out we made a fabulous supper, a great garden Caesar salad with great organic produce from the farmers market and then cheese and spinach tortellini in pesto Alfredo to follow, it was yummy! Now I’m cooking round 2 as the youngest is on her way home from the county fair with a pack of hungry teens in tow! I managed to get some work done in the studio but I can’t post pics as it will ruin the big surprise but I am so excited at how the whole project is turning out. Also for those of you interested in buying my stuff I started the processes of setting up shop on etsy this morning, still a lot to do, but a little each day and I’ll be in business. I mended some pants for a friend’s son, all in all another full day in the suburbs!!

I was thinking as I was walking, and almost becoming a skateboard fatality, today about asking, prompted by my simple abundance meditation from a few days back. When I first started back out on this artist journey after my break for motherhood, I was certain the universe was in favor, everything I asked for and wanted kept manifesting in my life, but as I am rereading the book I realise I have stopped asking lately, been oh so busy trying to make things happen on my own, and so I am reminding myself and anyone who hasn’t fallen asleep out there yet to ask the universe, even when the answer seems like a no, it so often is because something even better is about to come down the pipe.  Asking is no substitute for doing, but how can the universe say yes if you never lift up your arms?  So ask! I’m off to drink hard cider on the front porch in the few remaining moments of quiet before the teens return, enjoy your evening!