not as happy

I ought to be incredibly happy today, the wiring project that has meant the floor of my studio was torn up will be finished today, and all my new lights are being installed, I will get my working space restored to me this week, but it is hard to feel triumphant when people are dying in Gaza. I was lucky enough to visit Israel in my teens, and I am saddened by the cycle of violence and retribution that grips that part of the world. It seems so pointless, all this macho posturing and chest beating, all it will achieve is more dead children, more upheaval, less certainty and normalcy in their little lives, It makes me sick.

OK, getting down from my soap box, I hope you stayed with me, back to something less serious in the grand scheme of things, art making. When I started this blog I hoped to share my process with all you out there, so in that vein, here’s what I worked on yesterday, and where the ideas began…

I think I mentioned that I went fabric shopping with C earlier in the break, while we were in the store we picked up a new magazine called Stitch, which is very cool if you are interested in sewing in any way, but why its important is that I saw this project in there for this fabulous scarf

scarf it is so beautiful, I want to make one! But when I was looking through my research the other day from my masters I came across an image of a wallpaper design by Candace Wheeler, which was in my post the other day, for some reason, the two seemed related, and I wondered, could you use this process to make a paper version of this idea, that would look like candace’s wallpaper designs, so I thought I would try a trial, and the short answer is YES! and here it is….

patchwork paper Of course this has made me think of tons of other things I could do now, so off to the studio I go!!!