1K giveaway

Last week I passed a milestone on my Instagram account, I reached 1000 followers. I know that there are many people out there who have many many more followers, but it is still amazing to me that there are 1000 people out there in the world who take the time to look at my work. The world is a busy place, there are plenty of things in it to draw our attention, really it seems like a small miracle that even one person would see what I do and make time for it.

To celebrate I gave away a book to one follower, but I know not everyone who follows the blog, or my other social media follow me there. And I really want to thank all my tribe, so I am posting some freebies here too. These are a few of my most recent blackout meditations. Feel free to print for yourself, or share with your friends.

Or if you would like to order a nice print, or a book or card, you can find these and more on my redbubble site.


I have been slowly working my way through another 30 day journal project from the wonderful Lisa Sonora. I have received some wonderful feedback from other artists online, and so in the spirit of paying it forward I am offering a free download of one of the images from this series. I will be loading other similar images into my Fine Art America account as I scan and edit them, in case you loved one of the others and would like to purchase one.


To get a FREE printable jpeg or pdf of this image fill out this form and I will email you the file. Feel free to share!



happy anniversary to me!

Apparently, wordpress informs me today, I have been posting here on this blog for 6 years! This seems like cause for a celebration, and presents, for you my readers and followers. Leave a comment on this post for a chance to win this journal!! Winner will be picked at random on October 27th. Have a great day!

a dash of colour

a dash of colour


I have been in a bit of a fog for a while now, not exactly spinning my wheels but just wrestling with my work. A new installation is slowly growing in the studio, but we are at logger heads at every turn. As the stress of teaching winds down into the open days of summer I am hoping that I will be back to work soon. In the meantime I have been making books. Just being immersed in the simple materiality and technical work of binding is a safe outlet for all that stuck creative energy. I am trying to remember to live in abundance, and to be grateful for the work I am given, and to stop being whiny and jealous of other artists. I am trying to honor the creativity that creates with me and through me and get out of the way with my silly ego and my crazed monkey mind.The universe is a big generous place, some days I just forget.

And speaking of generosity, I was just notified of this amazing giveaway, head over to find a generous soul hoping to foster YOUR creativity with an art journaling giveaway. I am so grateful to have a studio full of supplies and inspiration and a family willing to live with my vagueness when working and the insane schedule of an independently employed person! Sometimes I forget that not everyone has stuff to make art with, or a space all their own to make art in, or a family who understands that art is who they are not just what they do. In fact I am so full of gratitude for all my many blessings,( regardless of whether I feel lost on the road right now or not) that I have decided to join Kim. Leave a comment on this post by May 21st and I will give away a whole mess of ephemera from my stash, enough to fill a catalog envelope to the brim! Spread the word, share the wealth!

and the winner is…

wow! when I finally got around to writing out the list, lots of people have been by the blog this month, thanks mostly to Seth and the DisCo project, I hope some of you have been back more than once, and are just not making your presence known…

so anyway, it was a lot of people and I felt really stingy just picking one winner, so in the end I opted for two and they are

Kathy and Karen.

This works out well for me as I see Karen several times a week, so I won’t have to pay postage, but to Kathy who I’ve never met, thanks for stopping by and happy Thursday!!!