busy doesn’t even come close!

Wow! I am so busy I don’t even know where to start…

This afternoon I will be found hanging the Women Create exhibit. Thank heavens we have a true professional to help us – thanks so much Colin! It is amazing to watch someone do what they do – seeing Colin reflect on what should go where and move the art around in the space was so COOL! I can’t wait to finally get everything up on the walls and cross that off my mental to-do list.

I am putting the finishing touches on the Occupy(ied in) Suburbia piece and packing to go to Sweden. And doing the shopping and cleaning to make sure my family survives while I am gone. I designed a new postcard to take on the trip with me. What do you think? It was hard to narrow down a few images that represent what I do as an artist!

Plus I am making sure that all my teaching materials are all set for next week – so that I can enjoy my trip and make the most of this huge opportunity.That means finalizing an exam and making sure all my studio students have materials for their upcoming projects. They are working with paper and wire to create self portraits right now. Thank heavens I am not teaching any new courses this term – I would be going nuts – it is hard enough just tweaking an existing course right now!

Not to mention working on a piece for the 15th Leeds International Contemporary Artist Book Fair – I am sending one of the new blackwork embroidery bindings as this year’s theme is “bound”.  It is a very large book and I can’t wait to get some pictures of it as it progresses.I am incorporating little lacy doilies to enhance the reference to Victorian collar ruffs. I think it is really going to be quite spectacular when it is finished!! (Which has to be soon!!)

Life is bustling and full to overflowing – off to have my coffee and get started on my very long list of things I still need to-do before Tuesday arrives!!

Occupy(ied in) Suburbia 102

So here’s some more pictures of the project taking shape – I am very happy with how it is turning out. My projects are so time consuming there is a period between idea and final object where I get really discouraged and despondent, as the hours of labour add up but no forward progress is evident, but then there is a tipping point and suddenly I can see it revealing itself, then the excitement is renewed. I am back at excited now!

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busy, busy, busy!!

Yes – college is back in session, and I am busy!! I have very engaged enthusiastic students (right now) – so I am eagerly expecting a great semester of learning and growing together. It really fills me with energy when I have great students! Woot!!

The Stockholm project is finally taking shape and I have finished sewing all the tiny boxes and am finishing up the little books to go in them all. They look so amazing, worth the work after all. It looks as if I am going to be able to go to Stockholm for the weekend so I am nervous and exited about that. It seems like such a big scary step, to rub shoulders with all those real artists and curators. I hope I am up to the challenge. If any of you have advice to offer on places to stay in Stockholm, or things to do, where to eat etc, I’d love some insider info!

The Women Create project is slowly unfolding. The show is curated, the artists have been notified and as Jen is such a wonderful organizer, so far everything is going well.It was fun to use my neglected design skills to make this postcard for the show, I haven’t done much design work since I quit my day job, so it was nice to stretch my mind a bit!! Next stop – posters and workshop flyers – wow! I am going to need more hours in the day!! LOL!

I am still working on those blackwork embroidery bindings, they are slow, slow going, but I get such an enormous rush from completing one. It is a puzzle to figure out how  embroidery pattern can become a binding that will work, and then I am so happy when I put in the last stitch. I just keep thinking of more and more ways to explore the possibilities of this!! I am just brimming to the top with inspiration right now!

Lastly,  head on over to Seth’s blog the Altered Page for this weeks edition of the Master Class. You can find out which artist I would love to take a class with!! Although I don’t think you will be too surprised by my choice. I am really enjoying this “chapter” of the Pulse – it is fascinating to see who other artists would pick to study with.

Stockholm 101 – Occupy(ied in) Suburbia

Happy New Year everyone! I hope that you all got to ring in the new year with someone you love. I am so excited to be heading into a busy new year filled with so many projects and opportunities.

Thanks to my great friend Jennifer I have some amazing pictures of the Stockholm project to share with you. My idea for this project was to make a more personal piece than is usual for me, I prefer to be at a bit of a remove from the subject of my work as a rule.I was interested in making something that spoke to the life of middle class America, struggling to keep up as we fall slowly behind-  life in the suburbs as it is lived by me, now.

This new work will consist of 24 2×2 inch cubes made from net curtains (sheers). I choose net curtain because to me it is so emblematic of life in the suburbs, it conceals the reality and difference of the individuals living in each house behind a thin veil of respectability, lightly starched, clean net curtains. Each cube will contain a tiny 2×2 inch cube book created from the paper ephemera of my life, junk mail, shopping lists, bills, college applications, studio notes, lecture notes, packaging from products I use, you get the idea. Some of the paper has been laminated, sewn or modified, but much of it is in its original condition. I don’t have an images of the net cubes yet, but here are a few images of the little books, which take a surprising amount of time to create!!

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