I have been slowly working my way through another 30 day journal project from the wonderful Lisa Sonora. I have received some wonderful feedback from other artists online, and so in the spirit of paying it forward I am offering a free download of one of the images from this series. I will be loading other similar images into my Fine Art America account as I scan and edit them, in case you loved one of the others and would like to purchase one.


To get a FREE printable jpeg or pdf of this image fill out this form and I will email you the file. Feel free to share!



Summer Week 3

Week 2 was interrupted by camping. A couple of days in the woods with a good friend. And then a host of international counselors came to stay for the holidays. I did a little dabbling, but no serious work. On Sunday there was a lull, so I broke out a new Keith Smith book and decided to spice up making functional books for festivals by expanding my repertoire.




I got to use some handmade paper, some hand dyed paper and some paste papers, and lots of paper from my leftovers box. It was so much fun I am going to keep on trucking. I completed all the one section options with variations, so I am onto two section sewing.
Today I had to spend a few hours hanging out at the gallery waiting for artists to pick up and drop off work. I took along supplies to do some page meditations.


so much on my mind

My mind is stuffed! So much I want to talk about today – but it would be an insanely long post so I am limiting myself to three today and the rest tomorrow. Here goes…

1. 5×5 Project – today Seth begins his run down of the entire group of entries to his 5×5 call for work. For those of you who have missed my previous posts about this project you can catch up here. I am proud to say that I am included in today’s post – and doubly excited to be in a post with one of my art idols – Will Ashford! Woot! Head on over to the post here – to see a wide variety of responses to his call for work.

my “copy” – not an exact duplicate of the 5×5 project I submitted to the call for work.

2. I have been accepted for a residency at Turkey Land Cove that will happen either late December or early January of next year. This is the first time I have ever been awarded a residency and I am very excited about it. As the date grows nearer and I have more information to share I will let you know! A big HUG to all my NYFA Mark bootcampers who helped me get up the nerve to apply. It has been a year of huge professional growth for me and NYFA’s MARK program has made such a difference. An extra special hug to Ellen who helped me edit my application!

3. The breakthroughs in the studio just keep on coming. here’s a sneak peak of something else I started working on this week. Today is a good day! More thoughts tomorrow!

art-life conference

What a wonderful, affirming, inspiring day I had today – there is something so magical about getting a whole host of artists in one place. Conversation was delicious and refreshing and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Kudos to Kristen for pulling it all together and a big thank you to the attendees, presenters and staff who made it so great. If you attended the conference and want the names of those artists I mentioned or the titles of any of those books please follow this link to a post on my teaching blog about today. I snuck in a couple of pictures of everyone at work on their “page meditations” – so here you all are! I might not have mentioned this but I am definitely NOT a photographer!



studio update

I’ve been on a cleaning/reorganizing binge, trying to make my work space WORK for me! . I am enjoying summer gently unfolding and find myself in a strange and joyful place, despite being rejected yet again by the Southern Tier Biennial’s judges. I feel drawn to my paper and egg shells and so am content to remain with them a while despite lack of critical response. The big projects are slowly emerging, andI am busy as usual turning trash into book treasures in readiness for the few local festivals that support me through the summer months.  In the meantime I leave you with a couple of fun page meditations and two adorable new recycled books


So the big projects are slowly progressing but not at a point where new pictures would make sense. I am also working on some smaller pieces for some upcoming shows this summer. Some of those might be ready for camera by the end of the week. In the meantime I leave you with some page meditations just in case you are missing me or my terrible pictures! For those who are new readers, this is my daily art practice. I start with a blank page and wait to see what it has to say, they help to clear my mind and focus me on moving into the studio in a more relaxed way. And they are fun and a little addictive too!