peter pan is the sun and the moon and the stars!


Firstly, thank you to sharala for posting this image for me… it was very  nice of her, especially since she did NOT have a good day.

And at last, I know you have all been holding your breath, here is the finished crocdile, as worn by the beautiful Nicola!! The other pretty girl is my daughter Ashley…


finally slowing down…haha!!


So this has been a really stressed out week, but Tuesday I sat and drew with my class to chill out, so here’s a little sketch (its the end of a pine cone, you probably can’t tell that!), of course I don’t really get much done because I’m still working… but it was relaxing.

The costumes are done, we remade Nana’s head, so not much sleep Tuesday night, and then I finished everything but the feet of the crocodile, I’ll finish those up tomorrow in the AM, I watched part of the dress rehearsal on Wednesday night and all the work that went into that croc was worth it when I saw it crawl across the stage, it is hilarious! I’ll post pics when I have one!!

peter pan costume update…

Here is the head, mounted onto a bike helmet… mouth open so Nicky can see out!! After I took this I rounded out the back a little and then secured the paper mache over the helmet, just to be sure the croc’s head doesn’t fall off!!

And here is a tail… Nicky and I were inspired by this piece of foam lying around, and if it’s not too long I think it will be swell!!

And if you squint a little and use your imagination a lot this could be the back of a crocodile… hopefully, although I am really worried that the whole thing is too big and so I stopped until I can see it on stage.

No pictures, but Nana’s whole body suit is sewn… right now it looks like a fluffly yeti! as does the whole house as the fluff sheds like mad when cut!!!! Hoping to try it on the actor Weds, I think it is too long and will need to be taken in, but better that than trying to add!!! It feels so good to get all that weight off my back. Expect a fun book post tomorrow, and maybe even some new work I have been mulling over while I was sewing a mountain of white fluff – can costume makers get workers comp for fluff lung????

new attitude

so today I am going to shake the blues and get some of these monkeys off my back. The crocodiles head is almost done, just needs to be fitted to Nicky the cast member playing the crocodile and then the back and tail constructed,neither of which will be too time consuming. I did find fur for Nana, and have decided to go with a mask and hood rather than a whole head so that will be much faster to construct. I am hoping to have them 99% finished by the end of this weekend. I apologise for my mopey behaviour this week… on to better days!!