more work on the way

here are works #2 & #3 for the upcoming show at Portage Hill Gallery, not really sure why I put the green on the first one, but once it was on there I just had to work with it! The second, moth one, is obviously very preliminary, this one will have blue egg shells, and a tornado of text and some sewing, more complexity but in a different way than the layering I used on the other two, which isn’t my strength.

new work – more eggs

I ended up not getting very much work done in the studio last week, small family emergencies kept cropping up. Now I find myself faced with three works which I must finish by Friday, which are really giving me a hard time. Here’s a view of a work in progress, who knows how it will look in a few more hours. I like the colour scheme but it lacks depth and complexity right now. Grrr! Well no sense sitting here moaning, back to work. Later I am off to the take a seat auction. Forgot to take a picture of my chair so will try to snap one at the reception right before the auction starts!