This summer it final feels as if I am getting this work/life balance thing down, okay honestly I am still a bit heavy on the work side, but this summer I am managing much more studio time for projects I want to be working on. There are still not enough hours in the day, but I am balancing out production work for clients and festivals like these lovely things

All of which will be making their debut at the Miller’s Park art fair at Chautauqua Institution on July 2nd and Bookfest in Buffalo on July 8th.

I’m also finding time to squeeze in work on a huge new installation and experimental new things, here’s a peek at the installation, women hold up half the sky

More to come on this soon!

I’m also hoping to check in here more often. I miss writing about my work, and I really feel that loss when I look back. Writing here helps me understand the cyclical nature of making, the natural ebb and flow of my year. It also helps me to see, I have been here before, this too shall pass, and most of all encourages me to find growth, change and renewal in my studio life. 

And now back to work!


a perfect day

I decided to cut myself a little slack and to not work at the print shop on the days I would be teaching at least until the end of May, but hopefully all summer. I am nervous about this decision, as I always am when turning down the opportunity to make more money, but I have been feeling stretched so thin lately that I simply wanted a break. No doubt I will still worry about the money I’m not making but I am determined to make the best of it.  Also I have picked up an art history class next semester, so I have a lot of work to do to get ready to teach it! (that’s my official excuse!!!!)

Today was my first day off, and it has been so wonderful.  It was a pleasantly warm, sunny day with nothing pressing to do except enter my final grades for the semester! So I drove my kids to school, had breakfast with my husband and talked to my mum on the phone for ages about nothing much really! Then I worked on weeding my flower beds, (resisting the temptation to turn that into a big project by starting to move things around) until it was time to pick the kids up again, making a brief stop on the way at the gallery to visit my work, I miss my ladies… I picked up some books (Surprise, surprise, nothing serious just some new fiction) and hung out and ate candy with my kids for a bit before they went off to rehearsal.

Now I have some time to catch up with everyone here in blog world, after lying around doing nothing in particular and day dreaming about some new books I am thinking about making. Its been a really long time since I could just sit and let my mind wander around an idea. I feel relaxed and refreshed and ready to work!!

I hope I can keep it up all summer!