revisiting utopia

I know you are tired of hearing about it, but my friend Ryan (I am linking you to his flickr site, fab headshots of my baby Ashley!) from Clarion Productions (he of movie making fame) kindly spent a morning taking some proper pictures of my work at the gallery, so here are some GOOD pictures of the work. Thanks for putting up with my excitement for how this project turned out!

Leeds International Book Fair & an opening

I decided I needed some minions to help with all the work for this installation so here are some members of JCC”s art club spending their Saturday creating!

After we were done playing… I mean working we headed over to the gallery for the opening of this show. Here is a link to Nathan’s website. I couldn’t find a site for Dan…

The highlight of the evening was a toss up between the amazing band who totally rocked! and all the amazing people I run into at these things… you all know who you are! What a great night.

Today has been a day of admin busywork, but I am hoping to put the finishing touches on those projects for the CCAC  juror’s show after dinner tonight. Hope you  are having a great, and less snowy than me, day!!

still here… just about

my amazing hubby pretty much pushed me out the door to attend the opening for the faculty show, I am tired, I didn’t really want to play nice tonight, but he insisted so I went. I am glad I did, I really needed to see all the great people I ran into tonight, and to hear a few compliments didn’t hurt my current state of mind (burnout) either. I am not exactly feeling refreshed, but I am at least toying with the idea of getting back to some “real” work in the studio. I would especially like to thank Steve from Chautauqua Word, who barely knows me but really does seem to like my work, for taking the time to introduce himself and for listening politely to what was pretty incoherent babble about my life right now! He also wrote something really sweet about my work in this weeks edition in his  preview of tonight’s event.

LaWendula over at Woven Letters has been posting more about her one he(art) one tribe project, my contribution finally arrived after being lost in the mail for weeks, I am happy that it is at last hanging there in her tree! I am looking forward to taking part in her paper swap later in the month, I am constantly amazed at the energy of all you bloggers!!

While I’m in this more pleasant frame of mind I also want to thank Lumi for offering me a fabulous gift this week, I am really looking forward to recieving it, I am hoping it will be the spark I need to really get back to work! I am working right now on a little something to send her back in return. More about that later perhaps!

Lastly thanks to all of you who encourage me to keep on going when all I want to do is lie down and let the waves wash over my head, who keep showing up here, even when I have nothing to say!!