day 2 – ha!ha!

bunny sewingOK so summer was not a good time to try and post everyday.  It has been chaotic here the past week or so, my oldest daughter was ill again, necessitating another all night and some of the following day trip to the ER, but she is fully recovered now. And I have not been feeling so great, burning the candle at both ends inevitably leads to a physical crash. All the rain has left us with mold in the basement and one of the bathrooms where the roof leaked… as I have mentioned I am very allergic so I have been trying to deal with that and some troublesome cluster headaches that have made me at a pretty low ebb. I decided to stop blogging for a while to try and recoup some energy. Not much has been happening in the studio either, after putting in extra hours at the shop I am just not feeling very energetic or inspired when I get home. I have been reading for my art history class and trying to put together some lecture notes and quizzes, papers etc, but everything is like swimming through treacle right now. So expect another long break between posts as I try to find some personal balance and get some sleep, I am still reading blogs, just too tired to play along!

So on my book pile right now, these books for fun, the zoe klein was very good, the others I’m still working on, obviously I am working pretty hard on a mindset adjustment…

fun stack

and the art history stack just keeps on growing, poor students I am soooooo excited about teaching this course and it is very early in the morning, think nice thoughts for them!!

art stack