another ill spent weekend!! lol!

Friday was our hometown holiday parade, somehow it is always on the absolutely coldest night of the year.!! It was 14 or something like that, bone chillingly cold, but still hordes turn out to watch local business and civic organisations bring in the holidays, this year we were also treated to a pre-parade concert by the 10,000 maniacs. After the parade the official tree is lit at City Hall. Then I took my own hoard of teenagers plus their friends to Pace’s Pizza for delicious food and to get warmed up again. The parade is always a chance to catch up with old friends, and see so many people I rarely see for much of the year. It was especially great to see some of my oldest daughters friends home for the parade. Its a hokey tradition, but I feel pretty wonderful about the community I live in on this magical night!I should also mention that my youngest daughter was a participant, dressed as the tin soldier, in the parade, helping out the DJDC by greeting parade goers and getting her picture taken with lots of excited little children!

Saturday I spent another wonderful day in Buffalo, and saw so much incredible work I had to stop looking my head was spinning!! The Albright Knox is always cool, the work upstairs had its moments, and my favorite paintings were still on display downstairs, Milton Avery’s yellow cow and the beautiful Ben Shaun… then we headed across the street to the incredible new Burchfield Penny Museum, wow what an incredible space, you can take a video tour on line at their web site… My favorites were works by Michael Zwack, a multi layered painting with a feel of paisley… Ben Perrone and Kathi Roussel. Then we visited some galleries on Elmwood, and did a little shopping for the holidays. It was an exhilarating day.

Sunday I played the inevitable game of catch up with household chores, but I also somehow managed to squeeze in time to actually get some work done, I am really on a roll right now, feeling very replenished from all that goofing off!! My batteries are dead in the camera, but I’ll post pictures later…

2 thoughts on “another ill spent weekend!! lol!

  1. ooh, ill spent times…

    last night I went bowling! for the first time in many, many years. very little redeeming artistic merit (unlike your museum/gallery trips), except (?) for the realization that “it’s easier to bowl well when you are not paying attention to the score”. obviously, right? a glitch in the score-keeping computer led us to start taking each others’ turns… the scores got confused… and we all started getting strikes or 9s or spares. it ruled.

    ill spent time: always worth it for its own sake, and totally valid for re-charging!

  2. lol!! I’ve only ever been bowling once in my life, on an early date with my husband who is very good, so it wasn’t a great experience… and I had to borrow a pair of pants from a friend because at the time I only wore dresses, but I’m glad you had fun!

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