opening night in Wellsville

Wellsville is an amazing little town, it has managed to retain much of the character of small town America and has some absolutely stunning architecture, not to mention a shop-able main street! The library is unbelievably gorgeous, as is the post office, both reminders of a bygone era of splendour. The library has a splendid auditiorium in the basement, velvet curtains and seats, the works. I had an incredible day there on Friday… Jeff was everything helpful and it is always strange to see your work on new walls. Props to all the friendly staff at the arts center who made me feel welcome and especially to the kitchen, the food was delicious. If you live within driving distance, I recommend a visit, and not just to see my art, the whole town is special and the food will totally make the drive worthwhile! Also I must thank the LASSes who drove so far to support me, it was fun talking to you about my work. I left feeling OK, which as anyone who’s been reading this blog for a while knows is not my usual reaction to openings. Maybe I was just too exhausted after a day of taking down and rehanging a show to be so freaked out, maybe it was P’s pep talk (thanks P!). Anyway, here are some pictures…

7 thoughts on “opening night in Wellsville

  1. Its about 6 hours away, but I’m always up for a road trip! And it would be so cool to meet, so keep me posted!!

  2. you got it
    i’m spontaneous…but every near the end of the week i think
    should i go now? a trader joes run…art looking…can i do it without panicking to death?
    if you have a cell phone email me who knows i might call while on the road sometime i start out going to the post office and end up 3 hours away πŸ™‚

  3. It is so lovely to see your work hanging on a wall and wish I could see it in the real.
    I dread receptions but once I get talking to people I soon forget and enjoy myself, hope it was the same for you πŸ™‚

  4. thanks jafabrit! I wish you all could have been there! One day when I’m rich and famous, I will fly all my blog friends out VIP to an opening and the biggest party ever!!!

  5. It really is so wonderful that your work is out there being seen and experienced by people – congratulations!! Sounds like a welcoming a fun environment for sharing and showing work. I really do hope I get to see your work in person some day – sooner than later!

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