preservation…part the first

So I am sending a book to a show in London, I am excited about this because if I can’t go home at least my work can! Needless to say I have conceived an over elaborate homage to Randi Parkhurst’s Patience as my submission. (We were required to make a book inspired by another book or book artist). I have wanted an excuse to make a Chinese box of hidden books ever since I saw this video, and now I am! I am working from the inside out, and I want to use only materials that are already in the studio, “preserving” old paper and of course the stories of my “mad” women as I go. Here is a little peak at what I have begun… also I need to say an ENORMOUS thank you to Kimberly Hogan Hambric for her useful advice on stabilizing old paper, which she uses in her amazing wall quilts.

18 thoughts on “preservation…part the first

  1. how cool that kim had helpful advice…and how i love feeling your excitement and the energy behind this new work. it looks amazing already! good luck and congrats on the london showing!

  2. Paula, as always thanks for your support, you keep me honest! and Kim, sewn on the machine for the binding and then embroidered by hand, in the past I have sewn only by hand because the paper is too fragile for the machine… but now I have a secret πŸ™‚

  3. This is an incredible creation. I so wish I could look through each page in person. I can definitely see the original inspiration in the book but what you have made is 100% you! Love the color palette and the stitching. Good luck!

  4. How exciting. I hope to one day say I have exhibited in my home town in England πŸ™‚

    I wish I could see your book in the real to explore it πŸ™‚

    • hi there pyrex-curry sister! I couldn’t imagine that your hometown would NOT want to exhibit your work, you totally rock!! I’d love to come visit you some day soon, so maybe you can see the book!!

  5. What a cool idea! I watched the video, which was pretty amazing; she just keeps pulling out books, and when you think there can’t be any more, she just keeps going! Yours is wonderful, and I, too, wish I could see it in person. How big is it?

    • this is the first book, I am working from the inside out, this is a small matchbook its about 2.5″ long and slighly less than 2″ wide

  6. Deb – I just love your wee matchbox books – this one is extraordinary. I’m assuming it is the one you are sending off to London. Best of luck! Love your coptic binding examples as well.

  7. Fabulous! I have always loved the color of the card board that is used to make the tray in the matchbox and you have tied it together beautifully with the papers and colors you chose to use.

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