christmas presents revealed

So I couldn’t post much of what I was up to right before the holidays as I was making gifts, but now the big day has passed here are some pictures! First my oldest daughter’s boyfriend Nick and his new recycled sketch book

I think he likes it!!

and here are the steampunk inspired necklaces I made for my two girls… I’m glad that I don’t ordinarily make jewelry, it was hard to photograph!

for chelsea

In addition I am working on a commission and a piece that I hope will make it into Seth’s new book… there’s still time to enter, click here for details. Oh and I am finally working on my butterfly for this project and some new 3d work for the half a dozen shows I have coming up in the new year… along with writing a new online class that’s pretty much keeping me occupied!! Hope everyone is enjoying their time with family and friends… best & blessings!

7 thoughts on “christmas presents revealed

  1. you sound like the rest of us, rushing to meet Seths deadline, making jewelry for presents and trying to get your butterfly finished!! just finished all of these deadlines too!! whew!! happy new year to you! xx’s

  2. Wow- the necklaces are great! I’ll bet your daughters loved them. Did you finish your submission for Seth’s book? I emailed mine to him yesterday; nothing like pushing it right up to the wire! Happy new year, Deb!

  3. Nice to see some more of your creations. I met you at Art in the Woods a few years ago and was fascinated with your work.

    It was great to browse through your blog and see some of you other creations. The monkey snowflake necklace is my fave! I bought some snowflakes to make earrings for a friend, but I like the necklace idea better. It is just the inpiration I need to get started on before winter is over.

    Jewelry is hard to take photos of. I try to photograph mine during the day in sunlight from a nearby window so that I do not have to use a flash. With a flash there is too much glare from the shiny surfaces, and the pic tends to be washed out much of the time.

    Just read Jen’s blog about the wildflower/poetry book. Can’t wait to take a peek at the finished product. : )

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