guttermann thread box book

As my regular readers know my oldest daughter is interning at Burda Style in NYC this summer, and like most interns some days she has very prosaic things to do, like stuff reels of thread into gift bags. Which is what she was doing one day when she started looking at the boxes the thread was in, and decided that I would love them. 4th of July weekend her boyfriend paid for a bus ticket so she could come home for a couple of days and when she did she brought the boxes to me. This is what they look like…

Of course to me they looked like the beginning of a book, so I cut some tiny pages and endpapers

and then decided to make an adaptation of a dos a dos, with two different bindings, on one end a buttonhole (my favorite and it seemed appropriate for a thread box book)

and on the other end a long stitch with a button detail

so here’s the back side showing the two bindings

and here’s the two book blocks

and then closing it up

It becomes a box with a secret. I have more boxes and now all the tricky stuff like templates for punching the holes for the bindings are all worked out I will be making more. I will have to glue the paper board box to some card stock first as I had some problems with tearing, especially since the holes for the binding are so close together. And I will probably try a double button wound closure on the front, just for fun!! That was a lot of fun, I think I’ll go make another!

16 thoughts on “guttermann thread box book

  1. You are SO dang clever. I’m thinking those would be fantastic additions to any gift bag and Burda should be making a purchase from you!! Use their thread in some of the detail sewing, and you’ve got a marketing gift treasure 🙂 well done!! and what a good eye your daughter has – she obviously knows you well! xox K

    • I decided to send some to NYC, as gifts for everyone who has been helping my daughter during her internship, she has been having such an incredible time

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