ought to…

Those of you who like light, happy blog posts should just stop reading now… no happy elves will be making an appearance on this blog today… sorry.Yet again a complete failure on my part to marshal my resources wisely has lead to absolute exhaustion.Β  This weekends festival was a nice, but tiring break in the back to school madness that has been my life this week. My sales were pretty dismal, but I made some new art friends, finished a book binding and generally sat around not doing too terribly much. I ought to be feeling refreshed and raring to go on those looming projects, the book for the show in London and a new installation for a show that opens Sept 10, but instead my house reflects the complete internal chaos of my mind and body. I just want a nap. My body is covered in bruises from setting up by myself this weekend, and I am sore and tired oh and whiny! So here are some pictures from the weekend’s festivities, and I’ll be back when I have something nicer to say.

here is Bobbi Shaffer, an amazing jeweler, you can see her work in her etsy shop here. One of my favorite things were these hand torched enamel pendants, definitely on my wish list, right after one of Paula’s vases!

here are Jen and Kara. They made my weekend way less boring! We did a little book binding together and they both became the proud owners of Dryadart original books! I love it when other artists like my work!

Here’s a shot of Pat’s amazing work, I mean would you buy a drab little book when you could own this!!

so one final picture of the little book I finished at the show

Off to have tea with an old friend and lick my wounds in peace. Best & blessings to you all.

12 thoughts on “ought to…

    • the exhaustion actually represents the success of some goals I set at the beginning of summer with regards to getting more exposure for my work. Thanks for reminding me of that Lesley!

  1. i’m guessing (hoping…) that the tea AND the friend helped. in the meantime, may we all be creative; and if/when we’re not, may we forgive ourselves and be happy and well and return to it again SOON! :>)

  2. suck it up πŸ™‚ have I mentioned I do this every weekend? its a good character building excercise

    you need to do some larger shows where the ends justify the means

    • thanks for the love Sean! and maybe now I have my feet wet I’ll consider some bigger shows next year πŸ™‚ Hope you had a good weekend!

  3. hi Deb! Don’t feel alone- I’m having my own little “whine fest” here. I’m just trying to keep myself together with full time job, making art, getting ready for the show, etc. feeling a bit overwhelmed. I recommend whining first, then sucking it up after you get it out of your system!

  4. p.s. You mentioned before that I should look for something to come in the mail… Just wanted to let you know that nothing came, so that you don’t think I’m an ungrateful *&%#@, and in case you want to file a report with the post office. πŸ™‚

    • IT hasn’t arrived because it is sitting in a huge pile of stuff waiting to go to the post office… sorry hold that thought for a couple more days πŸ™‚

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