new media

So… this semester in addition to teaching my usual course load I decided to use a break between classes to actually take a class. I have  only ever made one ceramics piece, a long time ago as a student, so I thought it would be a good challenge and a great learning experience to take a ceramics class and become a beginner again. What I have discovered is that I am really frustrated by my inability to make the clay do what I want! After years of working with paper/mixed media I am pretty confident that what I start will at least be technically proficient even if it is not always aesthetically brilliant! OH but the clay… ! Yesterday I finished my first coil pot… and I thought I would share a few pictures with you. This is sort of how I wanted it to look. Getting here was both fun, I like the physicality of working with the clay, and frustrating because I don’t really understand it yet and I can’t always get where i want to go.  I feel that this will give me a little more sympathy for my students when they are frustrated!

5 thoughts on “new media

  1. thanks Paula, its fun to play with new stuff… not sure I have the time or attention I would need to really get proficient, but I do have some good friends who work with clay so maybe once my class is done I can go play with them every once in a while!!

  2. very cool! Will you make some slab book covers?! or boxes? I can’t helps wanting to integrate the artforms!
    so glad you are enjoying yourself – it is fun to be a student. I love taking classes 🙂

  3. Karin sometime I think we share a mind… I was actually thinking about slab covers and boxes when I signed up for the class!! weird!

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