busy weekend ahead

As usual my dreams of an indolent summer spent playing in my studio have been swallowed up by the daily necessities of life (like teaching so I can pay my bills). Here we are in August and although I have spent a lot of time in the studio and have sent new work out into the world, I am behind on the biggest studio project (no surprise there for regular readers).

This weekend will be busy as usual – I have a day-long seminar tomorrow with the amazing artists from SAVI, the arts & business program I am acting as a peer mentor for. We have a great panel of curators lined up to give them advice on approaching galleries and entering juried shows. I think it will be a super session filled with invaluable advice. I am so excited to be a part of this program, and I am happy to watch this group spread their artistic wings and really gain confidence and skills.

Sunday I will be back at Miller’s Park on the grounds of the fabulous Chautauqua Institution for the second of the small art fairs organized by VACI. Yesterday I dropped off work for the members show which opens later that evening. I created a new collage and also submitted my book work – preservation. Not all work is guaranteed to be displayed, so I am interested to see which piece makes it in!! I am hoping to see a lot of my favorite people and looking forward to having a really great day down by the lake in the sunshine. If you are in the area, admission to the Institution is free on Sundays, come on down and see us! Have an ice cream cone at the refractory and enjoy the timeless ambiance of one of America’s jewels at the same time.

Sunday I will also be featured in Seth Apter’s ongoing Pulse project on his blog. My artistic style will be on view in this style file feature. I hope you will head over and see the great company I am in! Seth’s blog is a gem, as so many of you already know. Everytime he executes one of these amazing projects I find more and more blogs I have to read and follow. He is great at building community online and my hat is off to him! I wonder how he does it, he must be a super organized guy!!

I hope I’ll have some pictures to share from my day on Sunday later, but until then, I am off to my studio to putter in my best Pooh fashion for the rest of the day!

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