love for sale

It was a wonderfully relaxing weekend. All of the children are back at school, and apart from openings my weekend was blissfully wide open. I’d like to say I worked like a demon in the studio, but the truth is I spent most of it lazing around doing almost nothing.

that’s Rapunzel (or just your yellow hair) behind some gallery visitors

Friday night Glenn drove us up to the opening at the Studio Hart in Buffalo, for the opening of love for sale. It was well attended which was wonderful as it was an awful snowy two hour drive up and an even longer drive down. I was very glad Glenn came along as I would have been reduced to a sniveling wreck if I had been driving alone. I may be a little biased but my favorite work was by Liz Switzer. A series of re-purposed handkerchiefs embroidered with messages from a lonely hearts e-message board. Of course I was drawn to the embroidery, the re-appropriation of craft meant to keep a woman’s hands busy, and the hopelessly romantic messages.

Saturday I went to the opening for the Andy Warhol show at JCC. For me the highlight of the work was the video, which is not usually my thing, but I loved the selections by the curatorial team for this show. But the true highlight of the weekend was the chance to hear Jonathan Katz talk first about Warhol on Saturday night and then about his own work and the exhibit Hide/Seek at a lovely small brunch event on Sunday. I’ve talked a little about considering going back to school for my PhD, and it was like having the windows of my mind blown open hearing him speak. He is a marvelous speaker, able to reach his audience without condescension or diluting the power of his scholarship. A rare gift! And a real treat.

I enjoyed having the cobwebs cleared but I feel I really must focus. I don’t want to dive into more education just because – following my whims has left me barely employable thus far, and I don’t really need the validation of an institution to follow my own research ideas, but I MISS conversation. I am thinking I ought to find more opportunities to have such conversations, and see if that is enough. I need to figure out where I should focus – is this sudden itch for more education just another form of running from my art just as it builds momentum – a sort of self-sabotage? What do I want to be when I grow up?

2 thoughts on “love for sale

  1. a. Every once in a while you MUST laze around and do nothing. If you don’t, your body will demand it and make you sick – so you have to. And that is not pleasant. (she said, speaking from current experience).
    b. I like the sound of Dr. Deb. But you’re right… you may be able to satisfy that intellectual itch in other ways… But how? Hmm… Now you have me thinking and wondering…
    c. DON’T run from your art! Please!?!?!?!?!

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