snow day – time found

liking the red!

liking the red!

This morning I got up earlier than usual expecting a wicked commute – we had a lot of snow last night and with sub zero temperatures I wasn’t looking forward to cleaning off my car or shoveling my way out of the driveway… then my phone buzzed with a text message – school was closed for the day. Like most colleges we hardly EVER close due to weather so it was a wonderful surprise to suddenly have the day open up in front of me. I’d like to be able to tell you I did something super productive – but mostly I just got caught up. I rewrote a couple of lectures on the Italian Renaissance to make them more focused, and added in some more supplementary readings and videos links to all my classes that I just hadn’t managed to get around to loading onto Angel. I did a TON of laundry and ran the dishwasher twice (!!) Then I nipped down the rad for a cuppa with Jen who lured me out in the cold with a late birthday present  – the book “steal like an artist”. Looking forward to reading it.

my poor long suffering family!

my poor long suffering family!

By this time it was late afternoon. I decided to dye some paper for an upcoming project and then after dripping it over the kitchen sink, hung it all on the clothes horse to dry. I am making a “correspondence” book, full of pockets and envelopes for an upcoming love themed show at the Studio Hart so I whiled away a pleasant few hours sorting through boxes of paper and “stuff” looking for things that might work. Not exactly rocket science – but FUN! While I was at it I also pulled out a pile of things to add into a sketchbook I am making for Ashley to take back to Brockport with her as she has signed up for an art class this semester.

not finished - but liking it so far

not finished – but liking it so far

By this point is seemed unlikely I was going to get down to any serious work, especially any sewing as my eyes are still so tired from all the traveling/late nights recently… so I decided just to work on my smash journal for a bit before calling it a day.

What a gift it was to have that unexpected time. I probably should have used it to work on my flip book for animation class, but that definitely felt too much like work. I did rough out some ideas, I guess I will iron them out tomorrow on a real work day. Procrastinating like a true art student!!

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