too busy for words…

I have been online a little these past few weeks, but my summer is just flying by and hasn’t left much time for blogging. I have been checking in on all of you, lurking as Sheree calls it, but just haven’t had the energy to formulate something worth saying… I am getting a lot accomplished in the studio, mostly commercial stuff as I gear up for a few art shows in the local area, the first is this weekend, Art in the Woods, which supports the work of our local Audubon chapter, where I spend a lot of time, walking the trails and volunteering. If you live within driving distance its well worth a visit, just for their eagle Liberty alone!

My favorites are these piano hinge bindings with natural materials, these are bound with local grasses, in keeping with the ecological theme, they have hemp pagesgrassy note the fabulous old wood floor of my studio! and here’s a closer look at the bindinggrassy spine

this next one is for all of you who think my colour palette is too monochromatic!neonneon2

and here are some little jotter pads to keep by the phone, featuring some of that vintage wrapping paper I bought last yearturtle jotterbloommoth jotterthere’s so much more I want to share with you all, but tempus fugit and the studio is calling me back…

8 thoughts on “too busy for words…

  1. OK so now I am just procrastinating, I am tired but I know that as soon as I sit down at that desk in the studio my time will melt away into an eternal now, until it is late and I need to sleep unwillingly. Thanks Seth & Paula for you kind words, it is good to feel a strong support at your back when one is running on fumes!

  2. i saw your bookish artwork on display at the wellsville creative arts center and was hooked. i’ve been having fun discovering your blog as well. your posts have me smiling. good luck this weekend.


  3. I found your blog through Seth Apter’s collaboration project. I simply LOVE your piano hinge books. Although I make mine using other materials, I have never considered using grasses. What wonderful little gems. I’ll be back often to see what you have created.

  4. bluebeard & elizabeth… thanks for stopping by, I have visited your site in the past, often I don’t comment, just read! I love the piano hinge binding, I’ve done them with all kinds of stuff, pencils, straws, papers… its an east binding to learn ,although often tricky to make!!

    Karen, stop by and say hi!! having abooth was the only way I could escape kids crafts!!!LOL!

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