look what I did!!

A few weeks ago Karin posted this adorable book on her blog. I wondered about the binding, so she made a video tutorial about it. She’s also giving away the adorable book so head on over for your chance to win!!

So… last night I had all good intentions of an early night, I blogged then had a glass of wine with my great friend Jen, and came home all ready to veg out and relax… but after watching the video I had to try it, so just before midnight I finished this! The cover is an old litho print that has been hanging around for a while, the inside pages are just some paper I had lying around. Obviously this is NOT as cute as Karin’s, but I really like how easy and quick this binding is… I will be making more!!!!

bindingkarins bk

3 thoughts on “look what I did!!

  1. woo hoo! I love it!!! Isn’t it a great little binding?! Yours turned out great – I love that cover. It’s good to know the instructions were clear, too – thanks Deb! xox

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