So firstly, a find, via Kirsty Hall’s blog, a great art business podcast. I am really enjoying these and finding many of them useful, even if it is only because they support what I am feeling, or get me excited about the business side of art making. Karin and I are using a buddy system to try to help us keep on track with our goals in this area. I am still working with the creative entrepreneur and reading books on money management. Maybe as soon as senior nonsense settles down around here I’ll post some more about all that, which will be soon as today is my son’s last day at school!

While we are talking about books, I haven’t mentioned anything I’ve read here in a while, but while I was recovering from Bronchitis I read Elizabeth Kristova’s book, The Swan Thieves. It was astonishing! Clever and well written, and it kept me guessing right until close to the end, which is a hard feat!! I would absolutely recommend it. I also read a Mercedes Lackey book, Gwenhwyfar. It was a great page turner, and I am a sucker for anything Arthurian, not high brow literature, but still a fun read.

The angel is almost finished… if you are easily offended by the idea of an angel with M-16’s please don’t look at the picture below!! All that is left to do is mount her and attach a hanger. I am thinking about a little barbed wire halo, we’ll see how it looks, and maybe some metal wings, again, I just don’t know yet! So here she is on my work bench…

Still busy teaching, but those updates are over at my other blog. And working on new things that are no where near ready to be seen, and some old things that suddenly seem relevant again and again, are not ready for public consumption just yet… Happy Monday, one and all! Off to work!

2 thoughts on “updates…

  1. i hope this finds you saying yes to the barbed wire halo and metal wings! she looks amazing and oh so powerful – like someone’s superhero. i love elizabeth kostova. have you read “the historian” yet? am putting “the swan thieves” on my library list. in the meantime, here’s to getting through imperfect mondays!


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