hyperbolic geometry and other learning

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This semester has been particularly rewarding, we have a really great group of students, a sort of critical creative mass, which is allowing me as a teacher to just have so much fun in the classroom. Right now my Visual Survey class is doing research. I assign research because I think it is way more fun to learn about something I am interested in rather than what the teacher thinks I should be interested in. But lots of my students are terrified by doing research. This semester has been sort of an exception, this time they are actually excited. (Right about now I am sure someone is wondering why this post isn’t over on my teaching blog and it could be, but I was so excited by something I saw today I wanted to share it with all of you.)

Tonight I went to a lecture at another college with one of my students. She is writing her research on craft activism and tonight there was an artist talking about hyperbolic crochet, which is about the coolest thing! I can’t crochet but already I am thinking about a book binding that could be hyperbolic. I LOVE maths, I know this is weird, artists are supposed to be bad at them, but I always loved that they have solutions, I love all the elegance of the logic. I have to admit that I rather disliked geometry until I learned the proofs for sine, cosine & tangent, when the silly formula I had to learn suddenly unraveled! Hyperbolic geometry is just COOL. Art & women & hyperbolic geometry combined is just awesome!!

Here’s a TED talk about their work

My little brain is whirling away. How am I ever going to get to sleep?

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