head full of noise

Tonight I went to a great workshop on approaching curators. It was all essentially things I knew, but the workshop was given by John Massier from Hallwalls – one of my favorite galleries and a space I would die to exhibit in, but have never had the nerve to submit a proposal to. I have actually met John once before about 10 years ago, but I never followed up on that meeting. I really have a hard time promoting myself – I can talk about other artist’s work all day, and find great opportunities for them, but I am really not happy in the spotlight, I am a much better coach than player! And when I do talk about my own work I do it very badly. Blogging has helped with that a bit – electronic eyes and ears to practice on. Still….

So anyway – thinking about putting together some proposals and giving it a try. Maybe. Perhaps showing Room for Utopia on Friday at Occupy Lunch will make me brave!

Back to a more comfortable topic – the studio – I am so full of ideas right now work is just spewing out of me – most of which I am not ready to share, but here’s a really little sneak peek at something tiny and new (and stupidly complex – but what else would you expect really?)

and I learned how to use instagram on my phone!

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