day 13.

mappa - 1-13-14

Feeling a bit blue today as it is the final day of my “break” from school. Classes start for me in the morning at 8:30. Of course I didn’t really have a break as we lowly adjuncts have to have second (and third) jobs to make financial ends meet. I didn’t accomplish as much in the studio as I had hoped, and now I am beating myself up about it.

wish I could just stay home and sew!

wish I could just stay home and sew!

I have been working on the sewing for map of hours (above) as it is going to be exhibited again in March, as part of “Women Create”, and I have some pieces I am working on for “Love for Sale” again this year at Studio Hart. But I really wanted to wrap up women’s work, and although the pages are stacking up and the the lists are still coming in, it isn’t ready for binding and I haven’t resolved what to do with the cover. I am just mad because this always happens and despite my good intentions I let myself down over and over. This is one of the things I want to work on in the new year, making my own work a priority.

poor book - still in progress - will I ever finish?

poor book – still in progress – will I ever finish?

But I guess all I can do is pick myself up and resolve to do better going forward. I have managed to stay on track with the 30 day journal project, but I wonder if I ought to be doing something else (more serious?) Here’s few more images

day ten IMAG0540

I did manage to squeeze in a workshop at the studio. This was really important to me as I wanted to give something back for my funding for attending Paper and Book Intensive. Here’s one of the participants – Kyla – with her finished long stitch binding, complete with wrap around vellum cover and button closures.


well back to work – just wanted to do a quick update. Watch this space for lots of juicy curating/exhibition news coming soon! (no wonder I never have time for my own work!!)

4 thoughts on “day 13.

  1. “Wish I could just stay home and sew” – I can’t even count how many times I’ve said something like that to myself! Your journal pages are just beautiful, and your women’s work project is so far beyond anything I could do… you have no reason to beat yourself up. You accomplish so much, I’m often astounded. I don’t know where you find time to journal; I know if I did, I would have to give up making finished work… All we can do is keep plodding along, making things… xo

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