jacobs ladder

So here is the “Jacob’s ladder” book I was making, the first image is of the unmounted cards, the second two are of the finished book, The pages flip down the binding, its based on a child’s toy, I wish I could videotape it for those of you who have never seen one in action!

Check back later tonight to find out who wins the free stuff! have a great day!




beginning again – day 1 – tada!

So if anyone is still awake you noticed I missed yesterday’s post, I was too busy trying to finish the DisCo project, and after many mis-starts here is the finished object

front cover

inset into the front cover is the most moldy piece of paper to make it through intact, I covered it in resin to preserve the decay then hand sewed it into the fabric covers (made from a scrap of left over upholstery fabric, the most neutral thing I could find).

As I had mentioned, it rained so much here that the whole bundle was ridden with mold, I baked and then froze the pages to try and kill as much as possible, then I varnished all the pages with multiple coats of poly. Many of the original book pages had been laminated together by the water exposure, so I sewed them shut as one page with the machine, I left all the threads just because I like the way they look, and I felt it fit the whole theme. That left me with individual pages and I knew I wanted to do a sewn binding, so then I scrabbled the order, flipped some pages upside down even, and made signatures by using little strips of binding tape, tea dyed because all I had was white.

here’s a view of a couple of inside spreads

inside 1inside 2

I had originally thought that I would do a Coptic binding, but I was concerned that even with the tape the paper would be too weak to support the spine’s weight, so I decided to do an exposed spine buttonhole binding instead. Yeah! that seemed like a great IDEA, but I had never attempted one with an unsupported fabric cover, or without measuring and marking the holes, so it is pretty sub par, but has character, I made three attempts that I ripped out, before just deciding to let go of my vision of perfection and let it be what ever it was.

buttonhole binding

I am so thrilled at how this has turned out! So thrilled in fact that I have decided to use this piece as my entry for our faculty show this year. The gallery assistant Colin will be thrilled that it is small and will NOT require a team of large guys to install (although secretly I think he enjoys the challenge!). You may have noticed that I titled this post beginning again, and here is my plan…

The work isn’t due to the gallery for another month, I am so in love with this book I want to work on it more, so I propose to work everyday on the interior, solving my boring blog challenge by just posting images for you to enjoy until it leaves for the exhibit. I am just going to hang out and meditate with my scrappy little book for the next month, although I’ll be working on other stuff too! I hope you all feel this was worth the few extra days…

day 9 – baking books and etsy!

Today in an effort to conquer the mold I cooked (in my oven) the pages from my disintegration project, I’m not sure that the mold has been completely eliminated, but the paper is dry and I can tolerate holding it in my hands, so the reveal is close… maybe tomorrow! I am so excited with how it is turning out, I can’t wait for you all to see it.

Also I finally managed to navigate the whole Etsy thing, (although I am still waiting on verification from  Pay-pal so I can only take cheques/money orders right now), but I listed my first book for sale there today!! One of the bee pocket books… so I guess now we’ll see how that all pans out!


On a more domestic note, I have been bribing myself to complete my chores today by saying, for example, fold this load of laundry, then you can log on and look at one more reveal, and I have seen many fabulous pieces of art, and accomplished much domestic bliss. Plus because this time not everyone posted at once, I have really had a chance to browse around the sites I have been visiting and “meet” some great new artists.

Well, I am back off to the studio to work some more on the DisCo project, have a relaxing Sunday evening everyone!!


bees4As one might expect after weeks of running like a mad thing I have crashed again. I really, REALLY need to learn how to better manage myself do that I can avoid this roller coaster of craziness I live on perpetually. I am re-reading Sarah Ban Breathnach’s, Simple Abundance because I need to be reminded right now how full and fantastic my life is! Don’t tell but I have also been squandering some time on some novels this past week too…

It has been pretty amazing, reading all the treasure posts and finding more blogs that I will have to make space for in my life, I have meet some new collaborators (more to come about that later no doubt) and really in combination with my weekend of love I am feeling pretty up about my work in the studio right now.

I am off to read some art history as I do still have a lectures, exams and papers to set for my art survey class, thank you blog-o-sphere for connecting me to so many fabulous artists, and a special thanks to the brilliant Seth for putting these wheels in motion!

off to the woods…

beesFirst I want to say thank you to everyone who has been digging for treasure, I spent a lot of time reading new blogs yesterday, and of course some old favorites, so thanks for sharing, and thanks to everyone who stopped by, it was great to “meet” you all.

I’ve had a very busy day, but I just wanted to remind anyone who’ s in the area to stop by Art in the Woods and say hi this weekend. Now I have to go wash the mountain of laundry my youngest brought back from camp, and load the dishwasher, etc. And pack up for the show tomorrow, I’ll try to stop back and let you all know how it went!